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Kachikwu: Nigeria Witnessing Record Calamity Under Buhari

Kachikwu: Nigeria Witnessing Record Calamity Under Buhari

Iyobosa Uwugiaren

Presidential candidate of the African Democratic Congress (ADC), Dumebi Kachikwu, has called on Nigerians to stand up and defend the country, saying under the President Muhammadu Buhari administration, Nigeria has been witnessing unprecedented calamity second only to the nation’s civil war.

Speaking on “the state of the nation” in Abuja, last night, the ADC presidential candidate stated that, the streets of Nigeria flow with the blood of the innocent people as a result of the incompetence of Buhari’s administration in the past seven years, adding that, the terrorists Nigeria pampered today would destroy the country tomorrow.

“Many a mother is weeping. Many a wife in sorrow. Many families left to mourn quietly and helplessly. In all this, no one has lost his or her job. No minister, national security adviser or president has resigned.

“The shame of a nation! Who did this to us? We reduce the dead to nomenclature such as scores killed, dozens killed, hundreds killed. Don’t we know they have names?

“They had dreams, ambitions, aspirations. They had loved ones. What needs to happen before we know Nigeria is a failed state? Who needs to die again.”

Kachichuku asked: which school needs to be attacked, who to be kidnapped before Nigerians realise that this administration has nothing more to offer?

According to him, beyond  the killings and kidnappings, Nigerians also have to contend with a failed economy, adding that millions unemployed and underemployed, Yahoo and the trade in human parts had been accepted as industries in the nation.

“The naira is 612 to the dollar today. Our farms are untended as terrorists rape, maim and kill our farmers while our government looks the other way. Five months of fuel scarcity in some cities like Abuja, diesel at an all-time high of N800 a litre and the middle class, who are the engine room of every society, just wiped out overnight.

“Our children are at home as government and ASUU fritter away their future. I can spend the next 24 hours talking about the failures of this government, but they are all too familiar to us all,” he said, even as he advised Nigerians to stand up, speak with one voice, with strong determination and reset the country for the future generations, explaining that silence in the face of tyranny was not an option.

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