Power Son: Seyi Tinubu Now The-Go-to-Guy in Lagos

Power has always been something that human beings understand little about. It seems that whenever an average individual becomes powerful, that individual loses something in themselves. It often takes the loss of that power before recovery of self. By this description, the son of All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Seyi, is not an average individual. Due to a series of incidents, he has become a very powerful individual in Lagos. Yet as we say in Nigeria, that power has not climbed his head.

There is no question about Seyi’s brilliance. Anybody that knows anything about him knows that he inherited that visionary faculty that made his father stand out. Even so, Seyi’s mild-mannered disposition makes him even more of a magnet than Asiwaju so that people do not even pretend to blush when they ask for favours from Seyi.

As to why anybody would ask favours from a humble, laid-back family man, it is simple: Seyi has inherited some degree of influence in Lagos. There are several reasons for this influence. The most apparent one is the fact that Seyi’s father, Asiwaju, is a top contender for the presidential position in the entire country. As the son of a potential president, this is a time that Seyi can call for winds and storms, especially in Lagos, the city he grew up in and loves.

But that is not all. Apart from his father’s influence, Seyi seems to have done well for himself. As the CEO of the prominent advertising company, Loatsad Promomedia Ltd, Seyi’s influence in the marketing industry in Nigeria is not small. Moreover, as a frontline member of the STL Polo Team, his social skills suggest excellence.

Seyi can be described as an all-around influential person. Some would say that he has become something of a power broker. Even though his personality runs perpendicular to such things, there is nothing he can do about it as people are hell-bent on asking for his help with many political things.

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