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Varsity Don Canvasses Adoption of Crypto Currency, Says Wallet Address Real Deal

Varsity Don Canvasses Adoption of Crypto Currency, Says Wallet Address Real Deal

Kuni Tyessi in Abuja

University don and Nigeria’s first professor of digital economy, Prof. Sam Zuga has called on all Nigerians to adopt the use of Crypto Currency, adding that in few years from now, it will be the only financial language of transaction worldwide.

Zuga who stated this on Wednesday in Abuja when he served as guest of honour during the inuagural convention of the College of Diplomatic Studies and International Relations (CDSIR), said bank accounts will also phase out and give room to wallet addresses.

Speaking on diplomatic matters and the benefits for the existence of the institution, Zuga noted that the practice of digital economy is not certificate based but knowledge based, adding that with the knowledge of digital economy, Nigeria will likely not have poor people.

He said with the knowledge of digital economy, transactions can be made within seconds to any part of the world without financial institutions as intermediaries, while noting that with the wallet address, monies can only appreciate and depreciate in the name services through deductions as currently practiced in the bank accounts system.

He faulted the attitude of borrowing, saying that such has become a culture which must be stopped for financial growth to take place.

” For those of you sitting here, if you’re still doubting Crypto Currency, you need to think twice because before you know it, you’ll discover that you’re no longer in this world. That is the way to go. 

“In Nigeria, we have a ministry of digital economy with a minister. People in that ministry were taken from other ministries. What understanding do they have about digital economy? Digital economy is not being studied in schools. You don’t present certificate but knowledge to practice it. This is the time that some of you with funny certificates will discover that you’re out of the deal.

” Remove bank account out of your mind. What is reigning is wallet address.  The era of bank account is over. Very soon, no one will be in the class of bank account but wallet address. This same system is applicable to every part of the world.”

Keynote speaker and provost of the college, Prof. John Enow Tabotndip in his speech, faulted Nigeria’s education system and regarded it as insensitive to greatness. 

He lamented that an environment for growth is lacking due to lack of skills and techniques in the face of global advancement, citing that the world is a global village. 

He said the college which hopes to develope and present different classes of certificates is hinged on creating awareness about living anywhere and relating with anyone, anywhere, all over the world.

The courses include diplomacy and international relations including history, human resource management, modern communication technology, project management psychology, education management, foreign policy analysis, peace studies, , global negotiations and conflict management amongst several others.

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