Hyride Introduces Unmatched Incentives in Nigeria’s Ride-Hailing Community

Hyride Introduces Unmatched Incentives in Nigeria’s Ride-Hailing Community

 Bennett  Oghifo

A very appealing reward component has been introduced into the ride-hailing business in Nigeria by a new entrant, Hyride, a brand of TopMode Technology Company Ltd., which offers ride-hailing transport services. The drivers are given good legroom to earn money while the riders earn points/cashback that can be used on their next ride.

This is in addition to the company’s prioritising the security and safety of both the drivers and riders, who can tap panic buttons that are wired to the company’s control room, as well as to their family members or trusted friends.

Hyride is an indigenous first÷rate technology company with international partners. Prospective riders can book a ride now after downloading the app from Apple and Google play store.

According to the Chairman/Managing Director of Topmode Technology Company, Edward Anugwom, “Hyride was founded as a startup that aimed to tackle ride-hailing problems in Nigeria by creating safety, lowest commission to drivers and accessibility for passengers in using ride hailing service through Hyride’s platform. Therefore, the brand concept does not only aim for making profit, but also for resolving a social issue on ride-hailing services for both drivers and passengers as drivers face a problem of making insufficient money and hatred on their jobs, as well as the safety concern of passengers in using ride hailing service in Nigeria.

“Secondly, Hyride business makes a good impact on society in terms of job creation and engagement to the digital economy, such as a cashless transaction since according to Hyride social impact and responsibility from it started in Nigeria on June 6, 2022 depicts that Hyride platform provides employment opportunities for some drivers and supports them to have a better  livelihood.”

How the panic button works/incentives

The app has emergency/panic buttons that drivers and riders can use whenever they feel threatened, and the alarm is connected to their families and company’s control stations. The alert system identifies their last location to ensure the safety of all. 

Hyride plans to integrate with companies and there is a special corporate package for this collaboration. 

Anugwom said, “We brought a very good application to help both the drivers and riders. “The drivers can earn money and the riders can have a safe and convenient ride.

“On account of the challenges the drivers are having in terms of insecurity, we have decided to bring a technology that would help the drivers and riders priotise their safety and security.

“This is why we are different from other ride hailing companies in Nigeria.”

He said they give a lot of incentives to their drivers to motivate them at all times. “We have daily, weekly, monthly motivations,” explaining that “when riders pay with debit cards for trips, they get a cashback for that very ride. A certain percentage will be returned to their wallet and they can use it to  make payment on their next trip. They also earn some reward points into their wallet when they ride and they can redeem it and make payment on their next trip.” 

Hyride is now operational in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Calabar, and their are immediate plans to move on to Akwa Ibom, Enugu, Imo and Delta states. “We are moving as fast as we can to improve the lives of drivers in Nigeria.”

The drivers and riders are profiled using a very tight process and strict criteria to ensure everyone is safe, Anugwom said.

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