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Base World Redefines Artiste Management

Base World Redefines Artiste Management

Tosin Clegg

Base World is a media and entertainment outfit birthed by Princess Omotoyosi. She says two of the primary aims of Base World is identifying and understanding the target audience. Speaking about her journey so far, Omotoyosi said: “Managerial job has pushed me beyond limit, enabled me to multi task and work around the clock. Every artiste I have worked with is exceptional and gives me the opportunity to prove my work ethics. For artistes, I would always advice that patience and persistent attitude towards their craft makes one a good artiste in my books.”

Princess believes the entertainment industry has grown largely and “with one single hit song, an artiste can rise for zero to 100. She adds: “Over the years we have seen it and this undoubtedly has made the industry a desire for so many budding talents. 

The US structure of production, distribution, marketing and a whole package of music promotions is gradually becoming evident in Nigeria as we speak. 

There are more jobs for people now in relations to the entire well-being of an artiste.

“Lawyers, graphic designers, deejays, photographers and videographers, security operatives, assistants and a wide array of other professionals are needed for an A List Artiste to have his day to day running managed effectively. And let’s not leave out the show promoters and ticketing companies who also work tirelessly to see to the successes of several artistes in the industry. Undoubtedly, the music industry at large is and would continuously contribute to the economy growth of Nigeria.”

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