2023: Religious Group to Engage Presidential Candidates on their Plans for Nigeria

Blessing Ibunge

Men’s league of the Christ Church, Port Harcourt, has concluded plans to engage presidential candidates of three political parties: All Progressives Congress (APC), Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Labour Party (LP) to tell Nigerians their visions and passion for the country ahead of the 2023 general election.

The group disclosed that the discuss with the party presidential candidates is amongst activities for its 2022 International Colloquium.

Accordingly, they stated that the discuss will focus on the current state of the socio-political and economic situation of Nigeria with the overall aim of changing the prevailing negative narratives of the country ahead of the new political dispensation.

Speaking to journalists in Port Harcourt, Chairman of the Forum Planning Committee,  Stanford Tasie explained that the church craves for visionary leaders, who are not interested in the next election, but are concerned about the next generation.

Tasie disclosed that about 2,000 eminent Nigerians are expected to be at the event, where the three presidential candidates would tell the citizens what their manifestos are for the future generation.

He declared that the church would not remain silent and watch bad governance ravage the country.

“The colloquium is a convocation of God’s people to discuss national issues, discuss nation building, economic and comprehensive development. And defining the unity of Nigeria.

“Last year the theme was ‘What Do Nigerians Want’. This year we are sustaining same theme because that theme is even more relevant this year than the last.

“This year we also are working on bringing three leading presidential candidates of three political parties, for Bola Tinubu for  APC, Atiku Abubakar for PDP and Peter Obi for LP.

“We want to bring them to share with Nigerians what are their visions and passion for Nigeria. Each of them will be given time to speak, then there will be questions and answers session as well.

We are not talking of Nigeria of today. We are talking of Nigeria of next 10 years, 20 years, 50 years. What are your plans for the future. Will that plan begin today? So, those were the issues we are trying to engage the presidential candidates with.”

Tasie, however, said their expectation at the end of the event, would be to change the narrative, adding that Nigerians do not want a programme- orientated government”.

Also speaking, President of the league, Sotonye Etomi, said: “We are doing all this from the perspective of the church. And, in times like this, when we are in defining moments in our nation, the voice of the church needs to be heard.”

According to the organisers, the event would be held on Monday 13, 2023,  with theme, ‘What do Nigerians want’.

Keynote speakers will talk on different topics, which include: the president Nigeria needs, restructuring and true federalism in Nigeria, the economy Nigeria needs to break forth and the state of insecurity in Nigeria.

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