PIA Act Key to Iwereland Master Plan Implementation, Says Olu of Warri

Sylvester Idowu in Warri

Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwatse 111 has noted that the palace will lever-age on the 2021 Petroleum Industry Act (PIA) to implement the Iwere-land Global Master Plan, which will soon be put in place.

The monarch observed that all arms of government and intervention agencies would become fully committed to being a part of the plan.

 He gave the assurance in a keynote address he delivered during the Ogiame Atuwatse 111 Economic Summit: Iwereland and the 2021 Petro-leum Industry Act held at Olu of Warri Palace recently.

 He noted that the palace “is more ready than before to make Iwereland conducive for businesses to thrive and change the narratives people had in the past about the area.

 “We assure government, companies, non-governmental organisations and regulatory authorities that we are well aware that our job is to make Iwereland more hospitable for business, whether energy or otherwise, no matter the obstacles thrown in our ways.”

 The monarch explained the various benefits that will accrue from the PIA Act, thereby urging community leaders and leaders of thought to cooperate with the Crown to ensure successful implementation of the legislation for the overall development of Iwereland.

 He said the overriding and recurring theme of the PIA “is trust. This virtue is the beginning, and end, of what this gathering today is about. 

“Enlightened self-interests is the antidote to selfishness and is the checkmate to mutually assured destruction, that was our definite destination until the passing of the PIA,” he added.

In his message to our partners, the Olu of Warri told the gathering that Itsekiris “do not abandon their own. We are here to heal our people, to  unite our people, to empower our people, to build our people.

“Without a doubt, God has elevated us for a time such as this, and the same God that elevated us, has equipped us with the wherewithal, to deliver the set expectation of the people.

“We set the tone and the pace, for reopening Iwereland for business and development. To the Iwere people, we pronounce that self-centredness in our land ends today. Singleness of vision and mission arises in its stead.

“The land is alive. Today, I proclaim over it. The Soil of Iwereland is blessed. The sea around Iwereland is blessed. The Sky above Iwereland is blessed. The hearts and minds of the people of Iwere are renewed on this day. All is in perfect alignment, for this course of growth and development, we have set upon today.”

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