2023: We Want Capability not Zoning, Media Awareness group

Segun Awofadeji in Gombe 

A political pressure group in Gombe, North-east Nigeria, Hamza Almustapha Media Awareness (HALMA), has described the clamour for rotation of power to Southern Nigeria as a nonissue for now.

According to the group, capability and capacity should be the watchword for Nigerians in choosing their next president in 2023.

Speaking during the group’s awareness campaign in Gombe over the weekend, the Gombe State Chairman of HALMA, Mr. Mohammed Habib, said the group is clamouring for a better candidate that could deliver irrespective of zone, region, state, tribe or religion.

Habib said: “The issue of zoning is not what we want now, all we want now is somebody who is capable and has the capacity to lead Nigeria irrespective of zone, region, state, tribe, religion or whatever background.

“We are clamouring for a better candidate that can deliver and we believe the Former Chief Security Officer to late Head of State, General Sani Abacha, Major Hamza Mustapha, is that person that can deliver.”

He said that Mustapha could take the country out of its current socioeconomic challenges, especially in the area of security and economy.

According to him, Mustapha has a security background having controlled security not only in Nigeria but two other countries.

He revealed also that as the brain behind the establishment of Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF), Mustapha could revive the economy of the country for the better.

He said: “On economy, he was the brain behind PTF, and it helped a lot in terms of education, medicine, infrastructure, roads and many other areas that PTF was involved in.” 

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