Mastercard Foundation Partner Firm to Boost Ginger Production in Nigeria

Gilbert Ekugbe

Mastercard Foundation and Agro Limited have partnered to empower 60,000 smallholder farmers along the ginger value chain to boost ginger production in Nigeria.

In a statement the foundation said that since 2018, Agrolog has invested in developing the ginger value chain by using its internal resources to support an out-grower scheme, reaching an aggregate of 10,000 farmers.

The statement added that the collaborative effort is focused on providing immediate material, capacity, and structural support to 60,000 smallholder farmers out of the over 1.2 million vulnerable indigenous ginger farming communities of Kaduna State, spanning 12 local government areas.

As a result of the first year’s harvest, Agrolog embarked on vigorous training of women within the project community to help them process some of their harvests into ginger juice, powder, oil, spices and syrup to create new markets within and outside these communities.

According to the Managing Director, Agrolog Limited, Ms. Manzo Maigari, the Nigerian variety of ginger is very much in demand and can serve as a significant source of income for the country. It is also acclaimed to be of superior quality with an outstanding flavour and is in heavy demand in the international market.

“It is therefore on this basis that these women are undergoing training to give them a chance of more than just subsistence farming. In time, they can export their produce to international markets and get real value for their labour and grow to empower their families and other women who will, in turn, empower others. In this way, we enable a cycle of development and progressive practices, which will drive gender parity and promote inclusion for women and women farmers in Nigeria, “she said.  

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