UI Students Partner Firm, OHealth on Efficient Health Delivery


Kemi Olaitan in Ibadan 

Towards ensuring better health delivery by bridging the gap between students and health personnel in the campus’ clinic, the Students Union Government (SUG), of the University of Ibadan, has entered into partnership with an online health company, OHealth.

The Students Union President, Adewole Adeyinka, while signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the health company, expressed delight because it will ease the stress students usually pass through before seeing physicians at the campus’ clinic (Jaja).

He added that the students union is glad to welcome the package into the campus which they believe will be a bridge between students and doctors and the scheme is also going to increase health viability within the students community. 

According to him, “Having our students standing for so long to see a physician in ‘Jaja’ the campus clinic has always been an issue for us, not that our doctors are not working, but they are always overwhelmed with a lot of work because there is no proper scheduled but if OHealth can come in between the students and the doctors, it will give students opportunity to schedule their appointment with ease.       

“It was in my manifesto when campaigning to be SUG President that I have a blueprint for the University, which is to ease the suffering of students in securing good medics.

” Students do not need to reach the clinic (Jaja) before securing a medical appointment through a dedicated mobile application and students should be able to fix appointment without leaving the hall of residence.”

The initiator of the new health digital app, OHealth, Dr. Temitope Farombi, a consultant neurologist, in his remarks, said the idea is to bring health closer to people by continuing to support health initiatives among students on the campuses hence having some of the student unions executives of the University of Ibadan as ambassadors of OHealth.

“Today we have come to the University of Ibadan to partner the students union government and we have the students union’s executives as ambassadors of OHealth. Now we are bringing health to the hands of the students and changing the course of health issues even among the students.

“We have a mobile app called ‘OHealth’. This is a Telehealth application that allows students and everybody to come close to doctors through their mobile phones in the comfort of their homes anytime, anywhere. Not only access to doctors but they can also have access to buy medications on the platform and also have access to laboratory bookings on the platform.

“This is the time we need to make the health of our students and our youths a priority, we have seen lots of vices happening and health is the least of their priorities, especially at this age group that they feel they are strong and that they can do all kinds of things but beyond that we know what you do today will affect how your health will be tomorrow.

“We want to spread that crusade to ensure that they live a good and healthy lifestyle even at their youthful age so they won’t go into the middle age and be having health crises. That is what OHealth stands for and that is the partnership we are bringing to the students.”