A Peek into the World of Kola Aina: Things You May Not Know About Him

A Peek into the World of Kola Aina: Things You May Not Know About Him

Kola Aina, a name that is nowhere near as spectacular as the person bearing it. When it comes to formal entrepreneurship and the kind of investments that get investors into business schools as teachers, Nigerians generally lag a bit. But no more! And that is due to the achievements of people like Aina.

Aina is one of Nigeria’s foremost tech entrepreneurs, a category of individuals who are as committed to growth and expansion in the tech industry as they are to growing the Nigerian economy. However, Aina’s contributions so far are peerless and reaching a level where he may be named one of the paragons responsible for bringing so much attention to the tech industry.

Aina’s pit-to-palace story is oddly common. He was an excellent student of Electronics Engineering Technology at Savannah State University. He concluded his programme in 2004 and basically handed over his degree certificate to his father. Afterwards, he focused on his own thing.

As Aina preferred business to screws, engines, and electricity, his exit from Savannah was almost immediately followed up with an MBA programme at Bowling Green State University. There, Aina was a blazing sun, brilliant enough to become the President of the MBA Students Association, take over several other prestigious positions.

All of these—and more—polished Aina with enough experience to make his foray into the world of business, starting with being a financial analyst at Fifth Third Bank in Ohio, USA, in 2005, and going on to raise funds for business he believed in.

Aina has long transcended these positions. Today, his marks are noticeably visible in industries and sectors of national repute, including capital, technology, media, agriculture, infrastructure, publishing, and real estate.

Indeed, Aina is a patron saint of determining success and accomplishments. His is a path worth emulating.

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