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Organisation Harps on Need to Focus on Children’s Mental Health

Organisation Harps on Need to Focus on Children’s Mental Health

Mary Nnah

Following the impact of Covid-19 on the educational system, a social change initiative, A Mother’s Love Initiative has reiterated the significance of giving attention to the physical and mental health of children and educators within the educational system.

The group made this known during an occasion to mark the 2022 edition of the United Nations’ The International Day of Education on Monday, January 24th, with the theme, ““Beyond Academic Achievement: Social and Emotional Learning in Enhancing the Quality of School Life”.

The organisation is also of the opinion that there are stress related events associated with the pandemic that have impacted the learning trajectory and need not be catalysed by the practices of hurrying at the school level.

Based on the foregoing, A Mother’s Love Initiative celebrated the International Day of Education by focusing on the above theme, which speaks to the growing concerns about reduced physical and social interactions permeating the new generation school system in Nigeria.

Having in mind the role of education for peace and development across nations, The A Mother’s Love Initiative’s current mission and activities concern the hurried child syndrome and practices in Africa that emphasises the need to focus on the social and emotional components of learning in strengthening and reviving education in the formal and informal sectors.

Speaking on the relevance of the theme, Legal Adviser/Press Secretary for A Mother’s Love Initiative, Mr. Uchechukwu Michael Ginika explained that the A Mother’s Love Initiative’s theme for this day speaks to the overall quality of life of the Nigerian Child within the educational system in Nigeria.

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