Still on President Buhari’s Successor


By Gambo Ibrahim

President Muhammadu Buhari has already become a national hero of mythic proportions and the remaining
seventeen months of his tenure, without being sensational or naive promise to be nail- biting. It is gratifying to note that the President is relinquishing power, which is one of the hardest things to do.
In the recently widely viewed Television interviews, the issue of successor cropped up and typical of PMB, he declared he has no preferred candidate and if he had, he wouldn’t unmask him in order to ensure the person’s safety.
This calls for some concern considering the expectations of Nigerians to have an equally competent, patriotic and honest successor.
Worldwide, great leaders show interest in their successors. At some instances, they train them. This is done by training several leaders and placing them in key leadership roles.
It is my hope that the President will weigh the options and protect the interest of our country, economy and constituents.
Though political power remains the eternal possession of the people, PMB must be actively involved in discussions and making sure he listens to the views of others apart from the present power blocks within the Party. We all know how difficult it could be to hold together a diverse coalition like the APC where powerful allied politicians often have conflicting goals.
The President needs to deal with many interest groups, associations of various kinds, the press and the public, simply because, as mentioned earlier, the source of power under democracy is primarily the people. He, without any doubt, retains the final responsibility, if we are to tell ourselves the gospel truth. As such, he must make sure that the APC enthrones internal party democracy in choosing candidates.
An ideal PMB successor should have the strength and balance of personality, firmness of purpose and the enthusiasm to focus attention on our problems.
Other top qualities include: Honesty, as everyone believes is among the most important qualities of a good political leader. Putting others first is also a great character trait for anyone aspiring to our Nation’s top job. Such a candidate must also be an active listener. Though this should not be construed as having to please everyone. In any case, the possible successor must let his or her actions do the talking for them.
Baba Buhari should please enter the garb of the father that he is and help Nigerians by guiding us to freely elect a successor of our choice.
He could easily do that by having a rethink and taking a closer look at the members of his cabinet.
PMB’s agenda, anchored on Security, Economy and Fight against corruption should be the pot where the pick should emerge from. Who among his lieutenants has performed excellently well?
The economy includes critical infrastructure, rail, roads, bridges and power. The agricultural revolution has also achieved great successes with Nigeria thankfully feeding itself. The ICT sector has also performed wonderfully, contributing significantly to the National economic growth.
The fight against corruption has also recorded so many successes although we are not yet out of the woods. However, some stolen monies are being recovered and some convictions of politically exposed persons secured courtesy of diligent investigation and prosecution by the Anti Corruption Agencies.
The Railway remains the most visible and iconic achievement of the Buhari administration. Buhari is the father of modern rail system in Nigeria. It is here and only getting better, there is no other story to it.
Therefore if the transportation sector via the railway can record such huge successes, then there is no where the Nation needs to look at other than the architect that is spearheading that revolution. Luckily, that architect is a younger Nigerian with a lot of experience as two terms Speaker and two terms Governor of a very prosperous state in the Federation
It is based on this that the President should endeavour to look inwards at his Cabinet members for a possible successor. The sectoral achievements should be the underlying reasons for such a choice at the end of it all.
God Bless Nigeria

*Gambo Ibrahim writes from Abuja