End Subsidy Regime or It will Destroy our Economy – Adamu Garba II

APC Chieftain, Adamu Garba II has blatantly condemned governments position on its unwillingness to remove fuel subsidy, he stated that the government is only interested in servicing needs and expectations of the elites to the detriment of the poor masses scattered across Nigeria living in abject poverty.

Speaking recently during a live interview program, Adamu said, “In case you don’t understand, budgeting NGN4.6Trillion for fuel subsidy means each local government area in Nigeria spends nearly 6Billion naira per annum, this is like N500M per month.
Do you know how much that money can help in rebuilding our infrastructure and rural communities?

“Yet we use same amount of money to subsidize for urban few who can afford to drive a car and buy generators, while relegating our poor rural communities to the mercy of kidnappers, banditry, rapists, terrorist and killers.

“In Nigeria, politics trumps everything. Everything is measured as a value of political expediency not human lives and collective wellbeing of the citizenry.

“So on the average, each local government area in Nigeria pays N500M to subsidize for fuel consumption that is mostly used in Lagos and Abuja.”

He added that as long as “we keep subsidizing all forms of consumption in Nigeria, there can never be production value to our economy. Subsidizing fuel is a great undoing to our economic arrangements, especially in the rural communities.

“We need to change this narrative after 2023.”

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