Thomas Kralow on How You Can Accrue Generational Wealth by Making Money off Your Money


Generational wealth is the money and financial assets that you pass down from one generation to the next. For many people, the goal in their life is to accrue this money in order to set up their children for a better future. Thomas Kralow is an expert on generational wealth, and he wants to teach other people how to build it.

As an investment expert, Thomas Kralow has made millions of dollars from the stock market within just a few years of trading. His main recommendation about how to create generational wealth is to learn how to make money off your money. “You should never let your money just sit idle in a savings account,” Kralow says. “With inflation, you’ll actually be losing money. You have to invest it.” Investing will look different for everyone. Sometimes, it means putting money into high-risk trades in the stock market. For other people, it means buying rental properties. It’s important that your money is doing something for you. “If you want to create generational wealth, you can make money off your money. Compound interest is vital to making long-term investments as it will allow you to care for your children.”

While Kralow knows a lot about creating generational wealth for his own kids, he didn’t get any help when he was growing up. He was raised by a single mother in a low-income household, so it was hard to make ends meet. When he was 16, he learned to make money out of money. “I would buy and sell cheap phones, computers, cars, furniture, or anything I could get my hands on,” says Kralow. “It taught me to fend for myself and primed me to make lots of cash down the road through investments.”

Creating wealth for your children is one of the best things about being a parent. If you learn to make money off your money from someone like Thomas Kralow, you’re likely to provide for your kids long after you’re gone. And participating in the Kralow Trading Show may prove the best place to start that journey from, as the winners of this incredible giveaway will have the chance to fly to Dubai to learn he secrets of trading firsthand from Thomas himself!