Electioneering is an important feature in the political life of a nation, It involves the politics and rhetoric that shape the outlook of a nation before and after the elections, that electioneering process in Nigeria as in many parts of the world has always been about the sentiments of the candidate and not the issues.

In order to arrive at a definite path to solutions the electorate must be active participants in the processes. It has to be said the case is different in Nigeria. The electorate wants change but is too disgruntled to vote citing the lack of trust for the politicians. I have always argued that the way to prevent a bad politician is to vote in a good one. In the last elections in 2019, 30 million Nigerians voted for the leadership of 200 million Nigerians,50 million Nigerians with voters card decided to stay at home. These voters cite many arguments like our vote will not count, but the truth is you must vote and government must make the vote count, but not voting at all lies the problem as it becomes easier for the politicians to rig elections if we don’t vote.

Currently, the continuous voter registration process is on and you have the chance to register; it would be great if you can register but if you don’t I must confess you are part of the problem and you have no right to complain. We must remember that a responsive citizenry will bring a responsive government. Don’t give up on Nigeria.

Rufai Oseni, rufaioseni@gmail.com