Tinubu Promises Free Education if Elected President in 2023

Emma Okonji and Nosa Alekhuogie

Supporters of the National Leader of All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Ahmed Tinubu, have said Tinubu is promising Nigerians free education from primary to university level, including free health services, if voted into power in the 2023 presidential election.

Co- founder, Grassroots Network for Asiwaju Tinubu, Mr. Ayodele Adewale, who spoke yesterday on the Morning Show of ARISE News Channels, the broadcast arm of THISDAY Newspapers, said Tinubu remained the best candidate to rule the nation, given his educational background and being someone who has worked in many corporate establishments in the United States of America before coming back to Nigeria to work in Exxon Mobil.

He also said it was worthy to note that when he was the governor of Lagos State, the state generated nearly N600 million monthly and that he left the state with over N15 billion after serving out his tenure.

Speaking on the National Chairman’s strategy in winning the election, Adewale said their aim is to make sure he wins the primaries, presidential general elections and become the president of the country so that he can implement his laudable programmes that would benefit all Nigerians.

He listed some of the programmes to include free education to the university level and free health services to Nigerians.

On his part, the National Coordinator, Northern Young Professionals for Tinubu, Abdullahi Tanko Yakasai, also said Tinubu has all it takes to lead the country.

“Even within the APC, there is no one that has the capacity and wide outreach that embraces everybody, the way Tinubu has, and people have been coming out to support Tinubu.

“We are waiting to see who will come out to slug it out with Asiwaju and the capacity he has displayed in Lagos state is what we want to see in Nigeria at large,” he said.

He further noted that part of their strategy would be going to the grassroots to seek for support of the people.

Speaking on dealing with the antagonism being directed at their principal, he said: “ While the antagonism goes on, we will be doing our grassroot work to make sure people see facts and know it’s achievable.”

Meanwhile, the National Coalition Group for Osinbajo 2023 has given an ultimatum of 30 days for Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to declare his intentions to join the presidential race in the 2023 general election. The group said they have already written him to declare his interest to run for president in the 2023 elections.

The National Secretary of the group, Eli Eberechukwu Dibia who also spoke yesterday on the Morning Show of ARISE News Channel, said at the end of the day, it would be left for Nigerians to decide who becomes their president.

According to him, “The Presidency of Nigeria is not an ambition that should be left for Osinbajo alone. It is something all of us must come together look inwards and be able to get a president that will stand the integrity test.”

On why the coalition group was formed, Dibia explained that having looked round and studied the array of people that are showing interest in the Nigerian presidential election, the group decided to pitch their tent with Osinbajo because he possesses the core values of integrity and discipline.

He, however, stressed that they haven’t had discussions with him yet as it is a separate volunteer effort to ensure that democracy is sustained and restored.

Dibia said: “We are looking at a situation that whoever is going to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari must be someone who has that level of integrity that Nigerians are looking out for and also, has the courage to do the right things that the masses will celebrate. Going by his antecedent, we feel he is the best option for the ruling party, All Progressives Congress (APC).”

Dibia also clarified that nobody was dragging the VP into the presidential race but going by the card he pulled when he was the acting president while the president was away for medical treatment, Nigerians had a full breath of fresh air.

He further stated that the group was not alone as there are about 147 groups cut across women, youths and students that are rooting and seeking that Osinbajo becomes the next president which according to him, is a very big advantage to APC.

“Nigerians are yearning to see him come onboard that’s why our group is moving around, doing a lot of consulting with stakeholders to consider Osinbajo as the best option for APC and for Nigeria,” Dibia further said.

Speaking about the issue of disloyalty on the part of Osinbajo that is being peddled around considering the fact that the party’s national leader, Tinubu has also declared his interest to contest in the presidential election, Dibia said both of them have the right to contest but explained that Nigerians would choose the right candidate for the position of president.

“We are not looking for a tribal president but rather a Nigerian president that will be involved in an all inclusive governance that will bring prosperity, more progress and development to Nigeria.”

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