PR Expert, Bukola Bello Jayesinmi’s Love for Humanity


It was popular TV star Oprah Winfrey who said that “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”

Perhaps, this is the motivating factor behind the success story of Bukola Bello Jayesinmi.
While growing up, she had developed a passion for encouraging and assisting women.

In fact, countless numbers of women have benefitted from her magnanimity through her foundation, African women foundation for nation building, WINBAFRICA, which is also now in Ghana, Gambia, South Africa and Ethiopia.

The PR expert and the Chief Strategist of Irachy PR established this foundation with a mandate to transform the African society by supporting women to play significant roles in nation-building as well as creating avenues for identifying, raising and supporting women leaders to come together to brainstorm on issues affecting their well-being and generating practical and achievable solutions.

WINB AFRICA holds the belief that collaboration is the key to unlocking the opportunities of the new normal and beyond.

At the moment, the foundation runs about five different projects, including education fair series and orphanage challenge.
It also harnesses a lot of opportunities and partnership from multinationals to bring food, clothing items and comfort to these children.

Her humanitarian gestures have not gone unnoticed, even beyond the shores of this continent.
In November 2021, she received an award as the FIN Women Best Woman NGO leader in Dubai in the presence of notable women leaders across the globe.

The Kogi State born PhD holder is also a fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management UK; Chartered Public Relations Practitioner; an alumnus of Queens School of Business Ontario Canada; London School of Business and Finance; Chartered Institute of Public Relations UK and CGUI Boston, USA, amongst others. The dark-skinned and beautiful entrepreneur is a public speaker/life coach and pan Africanist.

She had taught workplace ethics and cultural diversity awareness in schools and corporate organisations in North East Scotland, United Kingdom.

Jayesinmi, who has also worked on strategy for political and economic campaigns on various projects across West Africa, was recently appointed a Board member of Alliance Francais, Lagos, Nigeria.