Obi Cubana’s Wealth Still Under Scrutiny


The recent arrest of bigwig socialite Obi Iyiegbu better known as Obi Cubana by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) is an indication that his source of wealth is still under scrutiny.

Cubana who was known to a few persons in the social scene became the talk of the town last year when he threw a lavish funeral for his late mother in his hometown Oba in Anambra State. The ceremony pooled celebrities from different sectors where an obscene contest of riches was gleefully displayed. Naira notes were stacked, trampled upon, thrown around in such a manner that many began to wish the fresh mints would have wings and locate their pockets. With about 400 cows donated, the funeral turned into an idolatrous display of money.

Ever since the soiree, Cubana who runs nightclubs and other businesses has become a person of interest. Last November, he was detained for three days by the anti-graft agency, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) as part of investigations into alleged money laundering, tax fraud and other financial crimes.

The latest net he found himself in is the NDLEA who reportedly grilled him last Thursday for alleged drug links. He was released on bail and is expected to return for further investigation.
At this rate of interrogations, one wonders if Cubana would ever enjoy the peace of mind he had when he maintained a low profile again.