Breaking Barriers with Breakthrough-themed Books


Yinka Olatunbosun

Our world is replete with examples of people who have huge potentials but are unable to accomplish their goals in life and careers due to varying circumstances. Loss of a caregiver, wrong choice of friends or marital mate, financial difficulty, poor physical or mental health, economic and political instability are some of the leading factors that can limit an individual’s breakthrough in life.

It is against this backdrop that Pastor Amos Adesola has launched a series of books that are products of his years of experience in full-time ministry. Titled Overcoming Anti-Breakthrough Forces and Practical Steps to Aborting Evil Dreams, the author expressed the view that in spite of an individual’s brilliant effort towards a particular goal, some forces still work against their dreams to crush them.

Titi Adegbile, a pastor, lawyer and book reviewer for Overcoming Anti-Breakthrough Forces remarked that the book is unique in its stride to rescue ailing, proffering bible-based solutions.

“Adesola takes us through teachings which show how the spirit world influences our physical habitat. He examines the nature of anti-breakthrough forces, their goals and their modus operandi. In a never-say-fail approach which this author is known for, he highlights what to do as well as how to pray one’s way out of a spiritual quagmire,’’ she observed.

The reviewer also examined the content of Practical Steps to Aborting Evil Dreams and highlighted the issues raised by the author in the book.

“In terms of providing a contribution to knowledge, the book under review provides practical steps to neutralising the effects of negative dreams as well an analysis of dreams that should not be ignored. Finally, it offers meanings to some dreams and highlights spiritual weapons required to combat the contrary implications of negative dreams,” she said.