He is an exceptional manager of resources and a seasoned administrator, writes Tosin Adeyanju

“We have discovered a man who is ready to sacrifice all he has for his fatherland…the least sacrifice we can make is to let the whole country see the Leadership we have seen, feel the compassion we have felt; and move the maker of modern Lagos (Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu) to the moulder of a greater Nigeria”- Hon James Faleke

Date was Saturday, October 23, 2021.

Setting was at the TSG Secretariat on highbrow Kainji Crescent, Maitama. The atmosphere was electrifying with enthusiastic APC Chieftains and members, TSG faithful in celebration mood. All gladly donning an all-white attire with the famous “Asiwaju Logo” inscribed on them.

The highpoint of the day was when speaker upon speaker mounted the podium to list reasons why Tinubu remains the best Presidential Candidate for APC at the moment.

For Senate Deputy Whip, Senator Sabi Abdullahi from Niger Sate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the Jagaban Borgu remains the best option for the rich and the poor in Nigeria.

“The man who is up and the man who is down are all affected by what is happening in the country. Jagaban will make a difference.”

In his words, Member, House of Representatives from Borno State, Hon Mohammed Zana describes Jagaban as a nation builder whose contributions to nation building have benefited most Nigerians.

“Jagaban is a nation builder. So, we are going to win this election by God’s grace in 2023”, he declared. For the Speaker of the Kano State House of Assembly, Rt Hon Hamisu Chidari who also graced the occasion, Kano State which has the highest number of voters and delegates in the country would repay Tinubu act of helping President Muhammadu Buhari to become President in 2015.

According to him, “My Purpose is to kick-start the journey that will take us to the villa by God’s grace with Asiwaju Tinubu as the number one Citizen of Nigeria. “ He added that “In Kano, being the state with the highest number of delegates, we have already decided and already concluded; we are set to give him at least 98 Percent of delegates in the primaries. Not only that, we are set as usual to give him the highest number of votes so that come May 29, 2023, we will be at the Eagle Square to swear him in as the President”.

The Kano Speaker buttressed the popular slogan of TSG”SAKKAYA,” meaning “Payback” by declaring that “all of us in the North-West are aware of the role he (Asiwaju) played in taking our son, President Buhari, to the villa. So, we are going to reward him; we are going to pay him back. So, I have assured him of victory. Almost all the delegates from the North-West States are going to vote for him in the Primary elections.” He capped his assertions thus: “We don’t know a better candidate than Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.”

Speaking during the programme, a Member representing Ikeja Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives and Chairman, House Committee on Finance, Hon. James Abiodun Faleke poignantly declared that Asiwaju Tinubu deserves offer of first refusal from the APC for the 2023 Presidential election. In his speech titled “Run, Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu,” Faleke said; “it is not often that history nurtures a particular person to fit into the need of a particular time; Our Party is therefore lucky that it does not need to go on a wild goose chase for the man to fly our Party’s flag in these challenging times; a time when the Presidency of Nigeria must go to the person who can continue to end banditry, to crush kidnappers and engage separatists so that our people can live in peace and prosperity. This is a man who will use his financial wizardry to further the gains of economic transformation.”

Faleke went further to state that “To secure the votes of majority in 2023, we must present a candidate who knows where the shoe pinches the average Nigerian, not just because he has been there, but because, as the governor of the most difficult, most complex state in Nigeria, he put smiles on the faces of the poor by convincing the rich to join the government to chase poverty from the streets…That man is Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He is already our National Leader. (And) by the practice and standards in other climes, when the issue of raising a Presidential candidate is on the burner, such a personality should be given the right of first refusal.”

Further pushing for the suitability of Asiwaju for the highest office in the land, Faleke said: “People have wondered why I am on the frontiers for the campaign to draft Asiwaju Tinubu for Presidency. For me and many other men and women he raised, the least sacrifice we can make is to let the whole country see the Leadership we have seen, feel the compassion we have felt; and move the maker of modern Lagos to the moulder of a greater Nigeria.”

In his address, the Director –General of TSG, Arc Umar Ibrahim Mohammed said: “In our search for credible Ieadership to consolidate and improve on the enormous gains of the Buhari administration in the next dispensation, we have painstakingly and consciously undertaken to observe, study and critically analysed the challenges confronting the nation as well as our immense resources, potential and strength. We have also reflected deeply on the outstanding Leadership qualities, personal attributes and antecedents of Asiwaju Tinubu as a man with the attributes of hard work, extensive vision, rich experience and striking intelligence, networks of vital contacts, sense of equity, justice and fairness with high regard for the rule of law.”

“Tinubu is a bridge builder across regional, ethnic and religious lines that is capable of uniting the country. We have identified him as an exceptional manager of resources and a seasoned administrator and we are convinced that the nation needs him in the next dispensation.

“We have no doubt that he has the capacity and the political will to institute a new concept of governance and new agenda of sustainable development, to provide effective leadership, capable of providing solutions to the numerous challenges confronting the nation.”

Indeed, the nation’s political atmosphere has been agog lately with supporters of Tinubu leading the pack with the huge numbers of support group they parade engaging in unrelenting advocacy on the need for the National Leader of the APC to throw his hat in the Presidential ring and for all Nigerians to support him.

Adeyanju, Acting Head, Media, TSG, wrote from Abuja

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