Me, I sha like this our Minister of Finance. There is something very calm and studious about her. So, when she speaks, I tend to listen. She has been reported to have said that we can no longer match the N250 billion monthly subsidy bill. Mbok, be like say she just wake up.

Is this not the same thing that her oga shouted in 2015? Is this not the same thing that everybody has been paying lip service to? Subsidising one product for egotistic reasons is one of the most banal things to do. For me, the subsidy should have been removed long before I had my first born.

The sector should be fully deregulated. Let the thing find its bearing with the forces of demand and supply. All these government regulations and involvement we all know the where and the why. So, we will not be fazed. How many people even enjoy the subsidy sef. Please remove the damn thing, open up the space and allow more competition and recede back to effective regulation in the area of monitoring and quality control but let the pricing find its equilibrium.

So, we are in support. If you have the mind, do it. The only problem we have with this plan is the so-called N5,000 you want to be giving the poor. That one is dead on arrival for so many reasons. One, you say you want to use the e-money portal. How many of the poor of the poorest have even heard of that one

Secondly, you want to give them N5,000. Mbok, is that not moving subsidies from one side to the other? When you give people N5,000 monthly and they use the money to drink ‘kparanga’, is it breeze they will now use to ‘enter’ bus which pricing would have gone through the roof before the equilibrium pricing we are waiting for.

Mummy, you see the problem with you guys is simply the fact that everybody is dancing to his own tune. You need cohesive and robust engagements of all sectors both fiscal and monetary to build a structurally penetrative strategy that would involve infrastructural development, welfare enhancement – health, education and the rest in engaging the economic situation.

This one that CBN will do one side, you will do one side, Adebayo at Commerce is attending conferences, Amaechi is building railways to Timbuktu with no coordination at all, na suffering and smiling – sorry, Fela will continue to be our lot.
Mbok, I hope my name is on the list for the N5,000 because all that one they shared during COVID I didn’t see one o.