Bento: Empowering African Businesses through World-class HRM Solutions

There is a popular saying that a company is only as good as the people it employs. Bento Africa, a business solutions company, believes the hard part is building a team that will embody a company’s culture and propel it to reach its goal.

The software solutions company was born out of this need to help African businesses achieve their dreams by providing them with the right human resources tools that can aid companies to cater for their employees. Bento believes motivated employees can lead to increased productivity and higher levels of output in any organization.

Through its innovative solutions, Bento is empowering the African unsung heroes in the form of entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed. It believes they have the power to change the continent.

Commenting on the early days of his company, Michael Collins Ajere, popularly known as Don Jazzy, Founder & CEO of Mavin Records said: “The early-stage was a little bit shaky, finding people that will look at the music industry and see it as where they can have job security.”

But “pushing through tough economic conditions, defying the odds, consistently seeking greatness, the drive that l and the founding members of Mavin had is what kept us going and is still keeping us going.”

That’s why he sees entrepreneurs as superheroes because they go where others wouldn’t dare.

“If you are an entrepreneur, cheers to you for being the unsung heroes of our economy and our lives; you are the brave ones,” he said.

Bento believes African businesses deserve better, that is why the company pays attention to the unique business environment on the continent and develops tailored solutions that solve the real problems the businesses face daily.

Some of the services that Bento empowers African businesses with include an easy-to-use payment integration product that can enable companies to pay salaries, remit taxes and pensions to any taxing body or PFA, as well as health insurance.

“Building a business is an extremely challenging journey anywhere, but even more so in our part of the world. This is why at Bento, we will always be in beta, not just looking for how to improve our core solutions, but also to continue creating new solutions that adapt to an ever-changing business environment and the new complexities that come with it,” Ebun Okubanjo, Co-founder and CEO of Bento said.

Beyond empowering African businesses by equipping them with world-class payroll and HRM solutions, Bento is also redefining employee benefits.

The Lagos-based company calls it employee benefits 2.0, and it empowers African employees in a way never seen before, opening them up to a world of innovative products and services including credit solutions, insurance, savings, investments and more, all of which boosts morale and improves their overall quality of life. A win-win for both employer and employee.

“It’s our way of building a better continent. One business at a time,” Okubanjo said.

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