Happy Hour Orange Safari Drink Unveiled in New 330ml Can

Omolabake Fasogbon

Orange is known to have several health benefits and is among the most popular fruits in Nigeria. Apart from its health benefits, orange is widely available and comes with a delightful taste that appeals to the palates of Nigerians. And so in 2020, CHI Limited introduced Happy Hour Orange Safari Drink for natural refreshment with no added artificial preservatives to the market.

The product variant was met with consumer excitement for its natural refreshment, great orange taste, convenience and an affordable 150ml pack. However for a brand, whose innovation and market leadership is driven by consumer engagements, needs and satisfaction, the recent introduction of Happy Hour Orange Safari Drink in a new convenient 330ml Can is seen as a step in the right direction.

For market watchers, the new 330ml Can, which retails at N200 would ensure more value and market choices for a brand that is great on orange taste, convenience & affordability to reflect its positioning as the preferred choice for fruity natural refreshment on-the-go.

The new Happy Hour Orange Safari Drink in handy 330ml Can meets the need of the increasing number of consumers who are seeking great taste and benefits of juice at very affordable prices.

It is an ideal buy for on-the-go consumers who desire natural orange drink refreshment alone or to complement with their preferred snack, anytime and anywhere.

Assistant Manager, Chivita, Oluseun Adeleke, stated that the new Happy Hour Orange Safari Drink in 330ml Can has a genuine consumer appeal and comes in a format that consumers can easily relate to in times of refreshment.

“At an affordable consumer price point of N200, the Happy Hour Orange Safari Drink in 330ml Can is pocket friendly. We are confident that its quality, affordability and convenience means that our consumers will continue to get the same great orange taste and natural refreshment with more value on-the-go,” he said.

The new Happy Hour Orange Safari Drink in handy 330ml Can is currently available in Chi Shoppe, departmental stores, open markets, hotels & neighbourhood shops across Nigeria.

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