A Reflection on Face and Pride of African Culture


Mary Nnah

A yet be released book titled, HRH King Appolus Chu Reflection: the Face and Pride of African Culture….reviving our fading culture, is another book by the Egbere Emere Okori, Oneh Oghale and Oneh-Eh Nchia Eleme X, HRH Appolus Chu which reflects on a Princess of Okori in Eleme, Rivers State, Princess Nma Appolus Chu.

Princess Nma, who by all means earned herself the sobriquet of “the face of African womanhood, culture and tradition because she had boldly and against the trend, opted to go through the full wedding requirements in the core Eleme traditional way during her recent traditional marriage to her heartthrob, Ajirioghene Ilaye.

Held in Okori, Eleme, Rivers State the occasion played out the real marriage tradition of Eleme people as her father, the Egbere Emere Okori, Oneh Oghale and Oneh-Eh Nchia Eleme X, a custodian of the culture and tradition of his people embarked on a revival of the true meaning of Eleme tradition that had almost gone extinct.

The book portrays African richness, beauty and uniqueness of the fast eroding traditional marital rites of Eleme people. It aims to awaken the consciousness of the people, so that what was left of Eleme tradition and culture can be saved and handed down to the generations to come; before modernisation, religion and politics strips it all away.