3 Tricks to Monetize Your YouTube Channel That Nobody Tells You: Matt Par

Last year, video content consumption increased by 96%, with YouTube being one of the most used platforms for video content. With increased consumption, the platform has also become a means of earning a living for many digital content creators. One of the successful creators on the platform is 20-year-old YouTuber Matt Par.

Having started at the age of 14, Matt Par now has 9 YouTube channels that offer a wide spectrum of content to his subscribers. Over the years, he has also figured out ways to improve revenue earned from the platform. From an income of $567.84 in his first year, Matt is now earning $1,299,402.77 in his sixth year. So, how can YouTubers earn better revenues? Matt has 3 suggestions.

YouTube Ads

YouTube ads are a great way of earning money, and you can add multiple ad breaks to your videos once you’re monetized. However, the videos have to be of a minimum of 8 minutes to put multiple ads. Matt suggests that you put an ad each at the beginning and end of the video and one every two minutes during the video. This way, you can earn maximum revenue from ads.

To even consider ad revenue, you must first reach the requirements for monetization which are 4,000 hours of watch time and 1,000 subscribers. Then you can apply and hopefully get accepted into the YouTube partner program.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing helps a brand or a business owner to increase their sales by allowing their promoters, otherwise called affiliates, to take a share of their earnings by recommending their product to others.

Keeping in mind the kind of videos being produced and the niche being focused on, a YouTuber can add affiliate links in the description box of a video. Such affiliate links can be found in marketplaces like DigiStore24 and ClickBank.

Digital Products

Matt Par’s personal favorite, when it comes to digital products, is online courses. However, you can focus on other products like e-books, photography, music, and web elements — products that you are familiar with. Knowing your digital product can be very helpful in the long run, and platforms like Kajabi and Teachable can be used to sell them. This way works very efficiently as you do not need to incur a fulfilment cost while getting a digital product.

Matt personally has sold over $1 million in courses alone in the last year so it’s clear to see why he likes this method of digital products so much.

Matt Par is a self-taught YouTuber, and his channel Make Money Matt helps budding YouTubers with guidance on how to best use the platform. The channel has over 200,000 subscribers, and this year, Matt has received two Comma Club Awards from ClickFunnels for earning more than $1 million in one year. So, for those seeking an understanding of YouTube and the revenue options it offers, the experiences and suggestions that Matt shares through his channel could certainly help.

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