Igho Sanomi: The Magnate on the Move at 46

Igho Sanomi

May is truly for champions. This is the month some of the most prestigious and prodigious folks on the planet were born. One of them, Igho Charles Sanomi II, will clock 46 tomorrow, May 17. Already, instruments of music and celebration are rolled out to honour this man whose 46 years on earth have relieved many of their poverty and inadequacies.

Many people have started practising how to put the best words to work in their efforts to eulogise Igho Sanomi on his 46th birthday. Because the man has done and continues to do so much for those with him and around him, folks are more than willing to go all out to celebrate his birthday and applaud his accomplishments and contributions.

In recent times, Sanomi has become a paragon of true business savvy and philanthropy, known most notably for being the founder and chairman of the continental conglomerate Taleveras Group. Similar to how the multinational company has its fingers in energy and infrastructure, oil and gas exploration, production, trading and supply, power, and construction, Sanomi has also managed to make a name for himself in these industries.

What truly stands the Delta state native out, however, is his momentum. To think a man with so many business interests would have the time and motivation to inspire others to do the same! But that is one of the many mantles that Sanomi holds. Consequently, he is a prime example of apex—enough to look down at the world but refusing to do so. To this effect, Sanomi has been hailed as having a big heart.

Besides building a legacy for his parents in the form of the reputable Dickson Sanomi Foundation, Sanomi has not spared a kobo in cutting down suffering when he can. His contributions towards ridding the world of cancer have not gone unnoticed, as the beneficiaries from the Bobby Moore Fund and Cancer Research in the United Kingdom would tell you. All this before the golden age of 50. This is the legend in 46 short years—Igho Sanomi, a man living for more than just himself.