Firm Launches HerbaCough Syrup in Nigeria


By Sunday Ehigiator

Dexa Medica, a multinational pharmaceutical company in Nigeria has launched a herbal cough syrup, Herbacough.

At the launch of the product in Lagos, the company’s Country Manager, Nigeria and West Africa, Dhanang Anggoro, revealed that the herbal syrup was an improvement from every other types of syrups which were banned in the country, due to their addictive tendencies, and abuse.

According to him, with the rainy season fast approaching, Nigerians need to have the syrup in their homes to tackle cough which is the common illness suffered by many people during the period.

“Cold air is believed to absorb extra moisture, making virus and bacterial particles more able to survive in the air.

“Generally, the common illness suffered by many people in the rainy season is cough. If your health and immune system are not properly maintained, coughing can attack you for weeks and interfere with your productivity.

“In fact, apart from interfering with daily activities, if not addressed immediately, coughing can quickly be transmitted to anyone.

“Currently there are many herbal and chemical cough medicines that have been provided in the market. However, the many types of cough medicine actually make it difficult for people to find what cough medicine to consume.”

Anggoro noted that chemical cough medicines (non-herbal), generally have various side effects, such as causing drowsiness and heart palpitations, hence the herbal syrup is a better option for Nigerians as it has no side effects, nor addictive tendencies.

“Another problem that causes consumers to worry about choosing cough medicine is that they often have difficulty recognising the type of cough they have.

“Therefore, Dexa Medica, which is a leading multinational pharmaceutical company, is continuously committed to conducting research with natural ingredients to produce effective and safe drugs to use, launched its newest product, Herbacough.

“Herbacough is the right solution for whatever type of cough you have. Herbacough has four advantages, namely relieves all types of coughs, relieves sore throat, eases breathing, and warms the respiratory tract.