I stood on that stage at Ibom Hall in Uyo with my hands covering my handsome face and trying unfailingly to hide my tears. My people had accepted me. They had come out in droves to welcome the prodigal son. His Excellency made sure it happened. When the call came from hard-working Orman Esin, the Commissioner of Culture and Tourism that His Excellency had approved, I shook in fear. His Excellency had opened the doors of Akwa Ibom to a son. He sent his Deputy and extremely beautiful wife, over 70% of his cabinet and such great sons like Tony Ndah and Udeme Ufot to see the show.

Special mention must be made of my brother Gabriel Ukpe who made calls, agreed for his name be put in marketing letters, kai. Much more importantly, the people were there. Plenty. They stood up, embraced me, sang for me and gave me warmth. The biggest stage production in the South-South had just happened with the full support of His Excellency. He, in his usual manner, had supported innovation, creativity and made sure a dream was fulfilled.

The institutional support was mad. From the attorney general, who approved the use of the official seal of the state in promotions, to the information commissioner, my brother Ini Ememobong, to the Finance Commissioner who is a brother down to Ini Akpabio, the Hotel Management Board Chairman, and the Dakkada people, Uwah and Meflyn down to the private sector – Monty Suites, Ibom Air and the rest. Akwa Ibom rose up and Akwa Ibom was one that night. Thank you so so much my people, thank you so so much His Excellency and much more specially thank you so so much Her Excellency- wow she is beautiful. Kai.