Lord, I need to speak to you directly. You see, when you lose your job, it can be terrifying. The news of your sacking met me in Uyo as I was about to devour a hot plate of Afang at the famous Monty suites. Wait, let me describe this Afang. The way they garnished it with periwinkles and what we call Ekwong, you will weak. Then the pounded yam was as smooth as the bum of Miss Brazil, I tell you. Well, back to Oba Otudeko. Don’t panic o. Me too I have lost my job before even though my own na Nicholas sack me and nobody hear.

Your own is all over, but there should not be any shame. You should be a man about it. Withdraw, go back home and ask for a moment of reflection. Don’t have sex for a bit because you will need to be spiritually attuned so that God can talk to you.

The things we hear that led to your sacking are scary, and I must say you really have mind sha. But there is no problem that cannot be solved. Just maintain your focus and keep praying but much more importantly, if it is true that the money you are owing is N75b, he go pass fasting o. You need to engage the people plus regulatory bodies constructively.

Don’t go and be doing all that ‘I want go court’, just go and beg. Call me, I will follow you. I know how to beg. We will just lie down and say sorry, give me small time. Then you come and let’s go and see Pastor Ifeanyi in Mowe. That was where I went when it happened to me, the mumu say – Grace has left me, that’s why I lost my job – na because I know give am tithe o. Your case will be different at least you go give am tithe, so your own prophecy will be different.

Pending when you resolve all these problems, you can come to Duke of Shomolu Productions for small internship. We are about to produce two massive plays – Awo and Aremu this August, and we can use some extra hands-on stage. You can help with costumes. No board seat here o before you come and want to sack me o. It is well, my brother. This, too, shall pass.