NYCN Preaches Peace, Unity, Forgiveness


By Adedayo Akinwale

The National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) has called on Nigerians, especially the youths, to use the occasion of the Easter celebration to pray and work for peace and unity in the country.

The apex youth body in the country also urged Nigerians to use the occasion to show love by reaching out and supporting one another, especially those who are in critical condition or going through trying moments in their lives.

Its President, Mr. Sukubo Sara-Igbe Sukubo, made the appeal in a statement issued yesterday where he urged Nigerians to imbibe the lessons of love, truth and justice.

He stated: “Easter is a Christian festival which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. His resurrection three days after being crucified did not just mark the occasion of Easter, this day also symbolises forgiveness, love, peace and unity.”

Sokubo expressed hope that just as the triumphant resurrection of Jesus Christ from the death stands as a powerful testimony to the ultimate victory of good over evil, the eventual triumph of light over darkness and the much hope for conquest of wickedness, aggression, violence and death by the forces of love, peace, non-violence and life, so shall Nigeria overcome all its challenges.

The youths’ leader added: “As Nigerians, we must remember that the life, teaching, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are a lesson on the efficacy of humility, service, self-sacrifice and true love, by which one is prepared to die not only for one’s friends but also for the higher values of truth and justice.”