Cloudflex Upgrades to Tier IV Data Centre


A local cloud service provider, CloudFlex Computing Limited has disclosed that it has upgraded to a Tier IV data center in Lagos.

The firm said the milestone would make it a choice option for cloud solutions and managed data services for local and international businesses.

Speaking on the groundbreaking effort, the Managing Director, CloudFlex Computing Limited, Mr. Remi Adejumo, said a Tier IV data center was considered as an enterprise-level service as the nature of the data center comes along with a high level of protection to the company’s data.

Stating the importance of data storage and protection in the country, he warned that that a ransomware infection could bring a business to its knees, adding that with redundancy through the cloud, “data can be restored quickly, and operations can be resumed.”

According to him, “Part of this cybersecurity plan also includes analyzing the devices within the business to ensure they are sufficiently secure for implementing a cloud services strategy. Security is essential at all levels of the business and cloud services are just an extension of standard security practices.

“At CloudFlex, our mission is to provide the Nigerian Information and Communication Technology (ICT) community and sub-region with quality cloud services, business information solutions, reliable and professional technical support, and unparalleled customer service by embracing good ethical business practices.”

Speaking on upgrading to a tier IV data center, the MD noted that the latest move would make them adhere to the following for the benefits of the customers.

Continuing, he added: “Zero single points of failure as Tier IV providers have redundancies for every process and data protection stream. No single outage or error can shut down the system. 99.995 % uptime per annum. This is the level with the highest guaranteed uptime. It must be maintained for a center to maintain Tier IV ranking. 2N+1 infrastructure (two times the amount required for operation plus a backup). 2N+1 is another way of saying “fully redundant.

“No more than 26.3 minutes of down. Providers must allow for some downtime for optimized mechanical operations; however, this annual downtime does not affect customer-facing operations. Downtime means that cash flow can come to a grinding halt so with a Tier IV data center; businesses can expect consistent performance at all hours.