Tinubu and the Google Vandals


Perhaps, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s “most profound” 69th birthday gift was the locking out of his profile page by Google over alleged “persistent vandalism” after his date of birth was reportedly edited 84 times. What more could have contested with such a gift – from all places – Google?

But seriously, that isn’t something to laugh off or gloss over. Rather, it’s a further indictment on the much avowed character deficit of a man seeking to occupy the highest office in the land. From his parentage to his real name, schools attended and actual age, everything about one of Nigeria’s most famous politicians is shrouded either in secrecy or alleged criminality. Yet, the same man seeks to rule the country.

Well, it’s okay for Tinubu to seek to be president of Nigeria, after all, he is not an ex-convict in Nigeria as far as the records of the country are concerned. But given all that’s already in the public about him, his desire to run for the highest office in the land as well as the staggering support he has begun to garner says a lot about the Nigerian people.

Indeed, Tinubu’s current support base is a referendum on the collective psyche of the Nigerian people. However, if Google can shut down his profile page for the reasons advanced, the electorate can take an even more definitive action, when the time is nigh. The fate of the country is in the hands of her people. Let them deal with it!