Even me I got carried away o that night as I watched. The military has moved in, I screamed. What madness, they are killing our children. The bastards are killing our children. I start to cry and run into all my children, both home and abroad, both inside and outside marriage, to make sure they are not anywhere near the toll gate as I watch. After, they start to share pictures of the dead blood on the Nigerian flag. I even write an article that Osinbajo should resign.

I beg Pastor Adeboye to ex-communicate am because he was part of a murderous regime. One very beautiful Lagos socialite send a video abusing Sanwo-Olu. When the dust clear, we start to ask, where are the dead? We now see o. I come dey regret. Shamefully, I start to ask where are the dead? What happened? Where is the massacre? With time, even CNN start to look stupid. These people have used a combination of fake news and Internet wizardry to sell a lie.

The US State Department has come out to say that what we were initially sold was a lemon. But wait before we gloat. When you are fighting a monster who will not budge and is too powerful, this is what you get. Abi, you want to go and fight the federal government with that huge army that is very adept at fighting children at bus stops, or you want to change a system that is endemic in its atrocious state of anomie? The only thing you will resort to is manipulating minds hoping that awe of discontent can come and sweep away the oppressors.

But this failed. Simply because it had no ideological backings or leanings and was most probably backed by selfish and narrow interest. Maybe it was not a true agitation of the oppressed people. This reminds me of the recent fight I had with Chantal and Zara. So to them, I am the federal government with authority that I am misusing. I shout them down, don’t allow them the freedom they want. That is their position o, so I am not describing myself o. So one day, I noticed that my Netflix Identity on the screen in my room that used to have a very handsome image of myself had turned into a very ugly monster.

The wifi wey na me dey pay was not reaching my room again, and my favourite yoghurts that I take overnight before I sleep was turning sour. Kai, hot watervine, only my bathroom was not flowing anymore, and my Friska BP tea had started coming in very late by that time I would have slept off. These children were fighting back through other means. Since they could not confront me frontally, they move into guerrilla warfare. I had to call a truce before they go and infiltrate my laptop and see that their papa is always watching Xvideos.

I say let’s discuss to understand each other better. They talk o. they tell me things about themselves and myself that shock me. I look Duchess, look these girls. I was a stranger to them. I swallow my pride, I beg and promise to change, and the monster left my screen and was replaced with me again. The federal government needs to listen more and should not now be gloating with this US report because the next minute now, Lai will start talking. Sha listen more.