All Eyes on Ifeanyi Ubah


This is the season of political anticipation and excitement, with state elections just over the horizon. The stakes are just as high in Anambra state, the ‘Light of the Nation,’ as they are everywhere else. Nevertheless, renowned statesman, Ifeanyi Ubah, has made the prospects of Anambra’s gubernatorial election into something of a spicy delicacy. Who can resist discussing and debating the possibilities?

To say that Senator Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah’s confidence is something worth emulating is to play it down. One can conclude based on Ubah’s certainty that the Anambra governorship seat is his for the taking because Ubah knows something that the rest of us do not, and so has more advantages than are visible to the naked eyes.

Based on reports from all around, Senator Ubah is not racking his brains over what to do to secure the Anambra state’s apex position. He has been reported as saying that the top political parties’ defeat (including the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and All Progressives Congress, APC) is guaranteed.

According to the reports, Ubah’s confidence comes from years of experience with politics in Nigeria and Nigerians in general. As the Senate representative of Anambra South Senatorial District, Ubah has a launching pad for his gubernatorial ambition. He is then set to fly his banner under the Young Progressives Party (YPP), a relatively unknown party. But none of these is worth talking about considering Ubah’s confident expectation of victory.

For those who know him and care enough to educate the rest of Nigeria about him, Ubah is a strategist who does not make a move until whatever he pursues has almost fallen into his pocket. This is how he built a business empire from next to nothing and became one of Nigeria’s most enterprising businesspeople. Furthermore, Ubah’s boundless wealth makes it difficult to accuse him of being dependent on someone else’s agenda—as he has been reported to bring up on several occasions.

At the moment, all eyes are on Senator Ubah and flashing with calculations on the possibilities of victory and defeat. But no rush—the election exercise is at hand.