Garfield the cat hates Monday and now so do I but for different reasons. At the end of our street there is a medical centre, normally a positive for the street, but since they started doing COVID checks recently it has very much become a negative but only on Mondays. One specific country requires a COVID free status before you can fly there and the only flights there at the moment leave on a Wednesday so a COVID test must be done on Monday to get a result on Tuesday to fly out on Wednesday. This seems okay but they have to line up in their cars to get the testing and once the small car park fills, they flow down the rest of the street and around the corner. This would only be a minor inconvenience if they did not block every driveway and most of the street and refuse to then move out of your way. There have been many loud voices and much tooting.

Since when have people become so self-important that they think they can inconvenience others and not try to do the right thing? We already have so much to fear from COVID and the way so many people handle it that we should all work together rather than look after our own interests first. Please try to be fair to everyone.

Dennis Fitzgerald,
Melbourne, Australia