ATCO Presents Opportunities in Affordable Homes, Investments

By Fadekemi Ajakaiye

ATCO Homes, a fast-growing real estate firm, has reiterated its commitment to making affordable housing and scalable real estate investment opportunities available to Nigerian low-end income earners and the elites.

The company announced during a media parley in Ikeja, recently that Nigerians can become landowners in the top Lagos city of Ibeju-Lekki for as low as N800, 000, starting with an initial deposit of N25, 000.

While speaking to journalists at the media parley, Mr. Triumph-Abatan Oluwayomi, the Managing Director of ATCO Homes, said, “At ATCO Homes, we are driven by a passion to empower Nigerians to live a fuller and wealthier life. This is why we are making opportunities available to all Nigerians to own properties in Ibeju-Lekki, a choice area of Lagos”.

“To drive mass land-ownership and home-ownership, we have in place a payment plan of two years with zero per cent interest on the land cost. In another case, we put in place a gift of Toyota corolla for purchasing from three and above plots from one of our estates, Nation’s View Estate, Shapati, Lekki”, he added.

Mr. Triumph-Abatan Oluwayomi further explained that the real estate firm which is driven by a passion to serve Nigerians is exploring all avenues to enrich the lives of the growing national population through outright home-ownership or investment in lands that have higher return percentage on both a short and long term bases.

Presently, ATCO Homes’ portfolio comprises 12 residential estates and lands. The real estate portfolios include The Nations View Estate, Cloud View Estate in Ode-Omi, Bliss Vale Estate in Lamijo; The Blue Ocean Estate, The Dove Estate, Brampton Lake, Milton Estate, Oakville Garden, Angle Blue Estate, all located in Ibeju-Lekki, in Lagos.

Nigeria’s housing deficit is put at an estimated 17 million according to a statistic report. The report emphasised that 700,000 new houses are needed yearly to tackle the worsening housing deficit. This is why ATCO Homes has stepped forward with a bold new home and land ownership plans that are structured around an installment and zero-interest regime to support the various federal and state government housing schemes which seek to make lands and homes more affordable and accessible to Nigerian citizens.

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