Helen Prest-Ajayi: The Amazon Who Bounced Back

Helen Prest Ajayi


Joy comes in the morning, and light comes after the darkness. It is the sentiment that comes to mind at the thought of former beauty queen Helen Prest-Ajayi. After living in the shadows of vengeful accusations, all the while mourning her husband’s demise, Dr Tosin Ajayi, Prest-Ajayi can finally take a breather. Besides, her prospects just got brighter.

Based on a recent report, Helen Prest-Ajayi was appointed as a non-executive director at the Bank of Nevis International Trust Services Inc. (BONITS). The company is a leading organisation situated off Mexico and Venezuela’s coast in the West Indies that offers Global Migration Investment options, company formation services, and enhanced global mobility through a second passport.

Because of the company’s headquarters’ location, Prest-Ajayi’s appointment appears to be a protracted vacation. But this is required, considering the events of the past year. After 25 years of marriage to Dr Tosin Ajayi, the MD of First Foundation Medical Engineering Company, Helen Prest-Ajayi’s life was shattered with his sudden death in April 2020. As if her new status as a widow was not enough, Prest-Ajayi underwent several episodes of accusations from her late husband’s estranged children and their mother to the point that legal measures had to be taken to resolve the mess.

After a long and bitter battle, Prest-Ajayi was absolved of all allegations that she had anything to do with her husband’s death. After this came a new battle about when to inter the remains of the late man. There was also the battle of where to hold the ceremony to inter the remains of the late man. And on and on.

It was only recently that everything was settled and peace restored to all and sundry. Less than a month after, Helen Prest-Ajayi was appointed to a non-Executive Directorship position in an exotic location.

After wearing the image of a guilty widow for so long, folks forget that Prest-Ajayi is a lawyer by training, a brilliant writer, the author of the popular textbook, The Complete English Grammar Guide and a proficient corporate Amazon. One can only imagine how happy Helen Prest-Ajayi is at the moment. Joy truly comes in the morning.