Negotiate With Bandits to Release Our Children, Parents of 39 Students Beg El-Rufai


The parents of the 39 abducted students in Kaduna State have appealed to Governor Nasir el-Rufai, to negotiate with bandits to release the kidnapped Afaka students.

A parent of two of the abducted students and representative of the parents of the kidnapped Afaka students, Mr. Sani Friday, disclosed this in an interview with Channel TV yesterday.

According to him: “It is the same state government, which sometime ago, told the entire Kaduna State that if it costs him paying bandits to stop killing the citizens of Kaduna State, he will pay them. But that statement was about a year or two ago.

“One of the fears we have is if the government feels they can use force to bring out these children, it will be a disastrous move because these bandits are well-equipped. They may decide to eliminate the children if they discover that the government is trying to use aggressive force on them because they are using our children as a shield for themselves.

“The best way we want government to go about this is to first of all, negotiate. Even if they want to put any other security measure on ground, it should be after this. “Parents are crying; why is it that it’s in our time that we are going through all this? If the state government feels they cannot negotiate, let the federal government do something for our children to be reunited to us.”

Meanwhile, the state government has scheduled a meeting with the parents today (Friday).