Our pastors used to say, ‘flee from pestilence or any sign of it’. It looks like my brother has taken that exhortation literally. He posted a picture of himself at the airport with the caption:’ I have Japa.’ For those of you who are not street, that means I have run away o. The aje-butter just get one small invite, and he run. So what will veterans like Sowore now do? All these activists-by-chance can make person laugh. Only small DSS invite that I am sure they will even give him Indomie to eat o and allow him a conjugal visit he come dey run. So he cannot be Gani Fawehinmi that spend a long time in cold and heartless Gashua prison, amongst others? Well, anyway, what do we expect from modern-day, social media-driven activism? There is no handbook on Twitter on handling incarceration and sack, so the man run to go see him godfathers for silicon valley. Laugh nearly kill me as I see the picture and caption. Well, on second thought, I can really not blame him. Nigeria is not where you stand for anything. Na ‘I spit on your grave’ the movie they will show your widow and fatherless children. Mbok, las las we will be all ok.