I ran into this my oga in his office the other day, and it was quite a pleasant meeting. He is an economist, investment banker and influential businessman Johnson Chukwu. While at BGL, he was one of my clients, who made me a superstar, but today he runs a very holistic investment banking outfit called Cowry.

We engaged in many discussions moving from the economy, the markets, his prowess in weightlifting- he belongs to Ken Etete’s weightlifting gym called Rooftop.

I am a member but have never attended because I cannot go and be joining people who have money to be pumping iron when I have not paid school fees.

Anyways, it was a beautiful outing as I gained a lot from his insights on the economy and his thoughts on rates on the back of this woeful economic report that had just been released. Please watch out for intelligent analysis and essays from eggheads like Johnson in my coming online publication, The Alvin Report. Till then. Bye.