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Firm Launches Pay Solution App in Africa

Firm Launches Pay Solution App in Africa

Rebecca Ejifoma

A digital payment solution provider, Chromepay, has launched its pay solution app in Africa, with Nigeria taking the lead.

This is in its efforts to aid a cashless society in Nigeria, Africa and the world.

Its app, which is available on Apple and Android app stores, holds several features including a marketplace that allows merchants to advertise products.

It also has a QR code scanner that allows merchants to receive payments as well as a bulk payment feature that allows users to make huge payments at once.

In a media release it issued over the weekend, the firm mentioned that this app solution aims to change the way religious centres, NGOs, and businesses receive funds.

For Chromepay, its marketplace is one of its biggest USPs that would ensure the development of a strong and value-driven merchant community that would offer a plethora of products to the users as well as prominent visibility for the merchants’ products.

described in detail the merchant payment solution that allows customers to simply scan a QR Code and pay with a single click. He stated that this dynamic QR Code already had the customer order details and amount which could then be paid using Debit/Credit Cards, Net Banking, and Chromepay wallet.

He also spoke on the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transfer feature which allows customers to transfer funds from their bank account, Chromepay wallet, and credit cards to other customers in a secure encrypted environment. Furthermore, he stated that their next-generation Bulk Payments feature allowed for instant cash disbursals that work anytime and from any location.

As described in the statement, the feature comes in handy when paying employee salaries, everyday company expenses, and employee bonuses.

The Chromepay firm further mentioned that the Nigerian market had something to look forward to as this application applied to everyone.

The statement read in part, “The pure water seller, keke service provider, restauranteur, an NGO, religious body, and any other business person out there” while urging users and business owners to download the mobile application from both the Apple and Android App stores.

“Our quest for a modern, cashless society as a continent is a positive agenda that has Chromepay leading the way as one of its forerunners.

According to the firm, “The COVID-19 pandemic has now made it a priority for countries around the world to hasten their adoption of cashless policies more than ever.”

An ongoing “Changing the Way That We Pay” campaign is currently being embarked upon by the Chromepay brand in partnership with their local advertising agency to sensitise users on the importance of opting for cashless modes of transactions in over 15 states in the country.

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