U.S.-based Nigerian Artist, E’Major, Arrives Lagos to Celebrate Mothers Day


With today being the cultural mothers day all over the world, reports from EMajor’s camp had earlier suggested that the afro pop singer was going to Premiere his hit single, Nneoma, in at least five radio stations in order to celebrate and appreciate mothers all over the world.

The song title Nneoma is one of appreciation, which is the native Ibo tongue for “good mother”.
From the title, one can easily tell it’s a song of appreciation and prayers for the unrivalled love people enjoy from their mothers. The song is deep as it depicts the Labour and hardship women go through in order to Carter for the well being of their child/children.

EMajor’s big break in the music world comes with his hit single that have done exceedingly well for it self and is expected to reach new heights after the afro fusion and high life artist took to radio stations across Lagos and premiere the song. The social media and Emajor’s camp have been buzzing with the news.

The United States of America based Nigerian artist has noted that one of the main reasons for his coming to Nigeria is to show appreciation to mothers in his homeland, on the day that the world has designated to appreciate mothers.