If you go to Shomolu market, you will see plenty rotten tomatoes. The thing used to crawl on my skin and make me feel like puking. That is exactly how I felt watching that Interview by Oprah. Oprah don old o. kai, she no fine again, but a brilliant interviewer she remains with my crush still intact. I watched these two spoilt children struggling very hard to explain why they were moving against an institution that has not only given them so much but has also given the world a lot.

Anything you want to say about the British monarchy, you will not discount the role it has played in world affairs and especially the stabilisation that the present queen has brought since her reign. Her role in the fight against Apartheid, Zimbabwe’s independence and in the Second World War. But what do these ones know? Much as I understand the trauma Harry would have felt losing his mother at such an early age, what is Meghan’s own? Didn’t she know that that expensive lifestyle will come with responsibilities when she was coming into the marriage?

She come say she come dey get mental health issues, well for where I siddon from my black man eyes, I know see any mental health issues at least it was not established in my estimation in that interview. By the time they were talking about losing their security, I just stand up go toilet go poo. Bloody waste of my time.