This is leadership. Oga has given bandits a deadline to surrender or be flushed out. The thing reminds of when Erelu was alive. She will be chatting and I will be jealous. The thing will be paining me and I will be asking her who are you chatting with? I will break the phone o.

So I will say, ‘if you don’t stop chatting and going on social media I will break the phone’. She will just laugh and say, ‘Shomolu tout, everything must be violence, you cannot use s. Ie. The thing will pain me, I will hit my head on the wall dying from jealousy. So one day, I come do this thing wey Matawalle do, I give an ultimatum. If you don’t stop chatting at night, I will scatter the phone and drive you away. She say, OK.

She don hear. Then it struck me, how do you control and enforce that kind of rule. Won’t I go to work, won’t I sleep, will I resign and come and be watching her 24/7 to make sure she does not go on social media and be chatting, exposing herself to errant men who are lurking out there.

You know as they say it, ‘a man who kills with sword, cannot stand and be watching someone with razor’. That is the kind of deadline my lord has just issued. Plain meaningless, PR driven stunt that will do nothing. How can you give a deadline to breeze? Me I can’t think of any solution but this one no go work. Let’s go back to the drawing board.