Adegboyega’s Projections on Shortlet Business


The Shortlet and Lifestyle businesses are serious money bingers! Not many people predicted that an industry as acute as the apartment and hospitality would become as economically fruitful and profound as it is now. A niche which has been carved for people who are willing to take up the challenge in it’s stride and run with it; it’s produced results that industry leads never anticipated.

The COVID-19 pandemic which resulted to a long closure of many establishments across the world did not topple the solid foundation of the Shortlet World. Rather, it improved the shortlets business in Nigeria, according to lifestyle entrepreneur, Mr Tobi ‘Misan Adegboyega.

He noted that different people had to turn to shortlets apartments to reside. Many of those, who came into Lagos and got stranded due to the lockdown timing.

Mr Adegboyega revealed that many people find it more alluring to lodge in shortlets other than hotels in recent times;he used his Eko ShortLets firm and other shortlets companies as a case study has taken up the challenge to change the shortlet and apartment tale, one customer at a time.

The company also takes on other people’s property in a managerial capacity. These properties will be put up on its fleet of tastefully furnished.