Uzo Drops Video for New Single


Omenka Uzoma popularly known as Uzo, who was the manager of late reggae icon, Majek Fashek, has dropped a video for his new single titled, ‘Celebrate’. Still mourning Majek, Uzo who is the MD/CEO, Miracle Day Music known as ‘Home of Superstars’ has re-branded and has gone back to being an artiste.

Talking about his latest effort shot in Capetown, South Africa and directed by Nani Chehore, a Zimbabwean, Uzo said: “The world is changing and perhaps might never become what it used to be. New realities, fears, suspicions and confusion is causing anxieties and worries.

Keeping safe during a pandemic, staying safe amidst news of banditry and kidnapping, news of insurrection are all countless worries we deal with on a regular basis that sometimes we forget to acknowledge some of our other daily blessings. Renewed hope of a new dawn, joy of a new born, enjoyed friendship, loving families and many more positives vibes are some of the things we take for granted while we focus so much on little challenges.”

With his new song he implores everyone to ‘Celebrate’ their little wins, be thankful for the privilege of life and living, and rekindle the hope for a brighter tomorrow. Recall that Uzo in November last year released two singles with their videos titled, ‘Walk Without You’ (a tribute to Majek Fashek) and ‘God Bless Lagos’ dedicated to the Aquatic City Lagos.