Amstel Malta Celebrates International Women’s Day


…Recognises incredible women smashing stereotypes in their professions

Mary Nnah

In commemoration of International Women’s Day, Nigeria’s leading malt brand, Amstel Malta, released a docu-series spotlighting three trailblazing women who are excelling in male-dominated industries.

The video followed the lives of Uju Udoka, a painter and founder of the ‘Grab a brush, Color a Life’ Initiative; Sandra Uso Prince-Ekwueme, a mechanic and Cynthia Egbunam, a talented barber, providing a platform for them to share their challenges, aspirations and hopes for the young Nigerian girl or woman.

These women revealed that their biggest challenge was sexist stereotypes and having to prove themselves when bidding for jobs alongside male counterparts. Some others stated that they had clients who did not want to entrust them with work as a result of societal roadblocks that paint women as weak and feeble-minded. However, they are optimistic that more women would break through limitations and come into the realisation of their true potential.

Speaking on the campaign, Brand Manager, Amstel Malta, Onyinye Elochukwu, said, “Society is constantly evolving. Now more than ever, there is an increasing need to use our platforms to change social stereotypes that negatively affect women”.

“For us at Amstel Malta, we are indeed proud to be using our voice to amplify the voices of all women, most especially, the women who have dared to excel in male-dominated industries. We are passionate not just about nourishing the bodies but also the minds of young Nigerians and showing them that nothing is impossible as long as you can dream it.”

Through innovative brand campaigns, Amstel Malta continues to inspire the next generation of Nigerian women while igniting positive change within the society and the nation at large.