I haven ‘t watched it, so I am trusting the numerous media reports on the discussions with Oprah. All of the people were well known as were their background stories so what new information would we hear about them and their “workplace”?

A few themes emerged including implied, if not actual, racism which is of course offensive, illegal and should not be tolerated although it is a common part of many peoples’ lives. Many other people living in the UK or the USA face this daily.

A number of family members aren’t talking to each other. Yet again a common event and probably more suited to discussion on Oprah’s friend, Dr. Phil’s show. This can be solved in most families by actually contacting the others by phone or zoom and actually saying hello.

Stress in a family and at work, in this case the same thing, can cause sadness and lead to depression and unfortunately is far too common. There must be help available and privately although again with many medical systems it can be hard and expensive to access. For this couple, the cost is not an issue.

Having a family not support you fully, this time by not providing security is a failing but the couple is very wealthy and can afford to fund their own care. Too many people in the world are abandoned by their families and many have no protection from the harshness of the world.

The only good thing was the reveal of the sex of what hopefully will be a healthy, happy child who will be loved by both parents, an event that also isn’t as common as it should be.

The “firm” is not without fault, but the example set by the Queen in duty and service should be a model for the whole family to follow.

Dennis Fitzgerald,
Melbourne, Australia