Smart Adeyemi

How can you for the life of me pronounce the word drunkard before or after a sitting governor’s name? That is what we call ‘oma mbe’ in Shomolu. That is when you say someone is too forward. This Smart person is not smart at all o, and it shows a poor command of the English language because you would have achieved the same result with a creative and dramatic interplay of the English words.

But when you have such a limited hold of the language, you will just be doing bulldozer and be causing chaos. Anyways, me I sha like Ikpeazu’s response. Let me paraphrase him: I would end by borrowing what Chinua Achebe said in one of his books, “if a mad man picks your clothes while you are in the bathroom and takes off and you go after him naked, nobody would know who is mad after all.” You see how people wey understand English dey take yab people with sense and style? This our Kogi man go just open mouth vomit. Na wa.